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Wet curtain cooling fan cooling principle

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Wet curtain air cooler (environmental protection air conditioning) is by the surface area of great special paper corrugated honeycomb wet curtain, high efficiency and energy saving blower, the water circulating system, the ball float water supplying device, chassis and electrical components, its central part adopts high-tech products from Sweden CELDRK. The cooling principle is: when the fan running cooler cavity generate negative pressure, the air outside into the wet curtain porous surface wet into the cavity, the wet curtain on the water evaporation in the adiabatic condition, take away a lot of latent heat, force the curtain air dry bulb temperature to the wet bulb temperature is close to the air outside, that is, air cooler outlet of dry ball temperature than the outdoor dry bulb temperature of 5-12 DEG C lower (dry heat area up to 15 DEG C) more dry and hot air, the temperature difference is bigger, the better the cooling effect. Because the air is always the introduction of indoor from outdoor, so can maintain indoor air fresh; at the same time as a result of this machine use evaporation cooling principle. Therefore, it has the double functions of cooling and humidification (relative temperature can reach 75% or so), used in the textile, knitting workshop, not only can improve the air temperature and humidity conditions, but also can purify the air, reduce the knitting process of needle loss and broken rate and improve the quality of needle textile products.